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Are you employing sound strategic digital marketing in your business Now, more than ever, consumers are heading to the internet to research and locate the products and services they need to make their lives better.  Successful business owners realize the importance of having a strategic digital marketing plan in place to ensure that potential customers, clients, and patients can find them when they need them.   Greater Reach Marketing can help you develop and implement a media marketing strategy to ensure consumers will find your business when they need you.

What is Strategic Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing technique that involves the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant and consistent content (such as videos, articles, blog posts and social media posts).

Strategic content marketing is intended to attract and acquire a clearly defined group of target customers, client or patients with the goal of increasing awareness of products and service offerings ultimately resulting in profitable customer actions.

Why Do I Need a Digital
Marketing Agency?

We are glad you asked!  In case you didn't know, old-school marketing is becoming less and less effective by the minute, and it has been replaced by strategic content marketing.   Content marketing has become the new norm for successful businesses because of its value-centric approach. Rather than blatantly pitching your products and services, you are providing relevant and useful content to your prospective patients to help them solve their problems.

As a progressive marketer, it is important for you to develop a content marketing plan that will yield the consistent and timely creation of relevant, well-written content because Google LOVES good, fresh content.  Not only that, Google also LOVES brands.  Big brands like P&G, Cisco Systems, Microsoft and John Deere utilize content marketing as a major tool in their marketing arsenals. Why? Because it works! Google gives attention to brands, both large and small, that focus on providing good, valuable content for their customers.

If you need help with digital marketing strategies for your business, Great Reach Marketing is the digital marketing agency that can help. Contact us today to find out how you can benefit from strategic content marketing.

Digital Marketing Services

Another critical element in today's marketplace is reputation.  You simply cannot afford to ignore the importance of your online reputation.  According to statistics, 93% of consumers are influenced by a business' online reputation (Podium).  A smart content marketing strategy is essential to help establish your business in your local area.  When potential patients search online for a business near them, and your office or shop shows up, you have a much higher chance of winning them as a new customer. Don't risk being invisible on the internet.  It is important to control the narrative about your business and what prospective customers will see when searching online by having a strategic content marketing plan for your business.  Greater Reach Marketing can help you by developing a comprehensive content marketing plan that will ensure the growth of your small business.  Contact us today to get started!

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