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The Fastest Way for You to Establish Authority for Your Dental Practice is to be Associated with Already Trusted Brands

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Imagine How Being Featured in a Well-Trusted Media Source Like Yahoo Finance Would Impact the Success of Your Dental Practice

When it comes to marketing for dental, the secret to gaining more exposure for your dental practice lies in your ability to position yourself as an authority in your local area.

This is where media coverage becomes important. The idea behind this type of trust signal is in the implication that if a person or company can be featured in the mainstream press, they must be trustworthy.

When you and your dental arts practice become associated with well-known media brands, this serves as an implied trust signal reassuring potential patients that they are making a good choice by visiting your dental clinic.

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The Importance and Power of Online Reputation are Massive in Today's Marketplace

Your online reputation can be your strongest asset or your biggest liability. The big ‘G' or Goggle controls 92% of search engine traffic, and most consumers do not look past the first page when searching for products and services. The consumer's first impression of your dental practice is formed from what they see on the first page of the search results.

If the results are positive, meaning, you have numerous articles, reviews, and positive ratings, and a strong online presence and visibility, potential patients will be more inclined to visit your dental office.

However, if potential patients are greeted with negative reviews, low ratings, and an overall poor online presence, your dental office is going to suffer.

In fact, according to MOZ, businesses risk losing 22% of potential customers when just one negative article is found by consumers who are thinking about using their product or service.

You simply cannot afford to leave the reputation of your dental practice to chance. It is imperative that you control the narrative of your dental practice and what potential patients find online when searching for dental providers in their area.

Greater Reach Marketing is a bespoke agency that focuses on marketing for dental. You can trust us to build a strong brand for your dental practice and establish you as an authority in your local area.

We do that by creating a strategic content marketing plan that serves to educate and inform as well as establish you as an authority all with the intent of building trust in the eyes of potential patients. 

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Another critical element in today's marketplace is reputation.  You simply cannot afford to ignore the importance of your online reputation.  According to statistics, 93% of consumers are influenced by a business' online reputation (Podium).  A smart content marketing strategy is essential to help establish you as an expert in your local area.  When potential patients search online for a dentist near them, and your dental office shows up, you have a much higher chance of winning them as a new patient.  

Don't risk being invisible on the internet.  It is important to control the narrative about your dental practice and what prospective patients will see when searching online by having a strategic content marketing plan for your dental office.  Greater Reach Marketing can help you by developing a comprehensive content marketing plan that will ensure the growth of your dental practice.  Contact us today to get started!

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